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Boat Rentals – FAQs

I am staying in a home on the lake, can I rent a boat?

Yes, anyone 25 years or older can rent our boats. If you are staying in one of our vacation rentals homes, you will be able to keep the boat at the property overnight and we offer delivery and pickup. If you are not in one of our vacation rental homes you will need to pick up the boat each morning at 9:00am and return by 6:00pm each night.

Are there discounts if I rent for multiple days?

We do offer discounts on multiple weekday rentals. The more weekdays you rent, the cheaper it is per day. Saturday and Sunday rates are standard and not included. Check our boat website for rates.

Can I get a discount since I am renting a house also?

We do not offer any discount off of the boat rental outside of the multi-weekday rates. However, you are receiving the overnight benefits at no charge and delivery/pickup options by renting one of our homes. Only Lake Murray Vacation Rental homes receive these extra offers.

How do I rent a boat?

You can book securely online at or by calling our office, (803) 798-8559. Call the office to check delivery and pickup availability and fees.

How does the delivery and pickup work?

We deliver the night before your rental starts after 6:00pm, but before dark. All drivers will need to be present during this time to sign the boat rental agreement. We will pick the boat up the last day of the rental after 6:00pm, but before dark. Please have the boat filled up with gas upon pickup.

What if it rains during the time I have my boat?

We do allow cancellations 24 hours in advance of the rental date if The National Weather Service is forecasting at least 70% chance of rain. If you are renting multiple days, we can prorate any of the days that are 70% or higher.