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Real Estate – FAQs

Can I speak to with an agent about a current listing or about listing my property?

Yes we have extremely knowledgeable agents, all of which are Lake Murray residents, who would love to assist you in finding the perfect water front home or lot!

Our sales office number is 803-798-8559.

Are there things I should know about buying on Lake Murray?

Yes, Lake Murray is federally operated lake managed by SCE&G. There are many building rules you will want to be aware of, buffers and flood plains. We can assist you with this.

Is it a good to time buy on Lake Murray.

Yes, prices are at their lowest in over 8 years. Interest rates are still low and we have handled many owner financing deals.

Are there places to stay on Lake Murray to see if I like the area?

Yes, we also manage Lake Murray Vacation Rentals. You can rent a home usually for as little as two nights in order to try lake living, visit for availability!

I have property tax questions.

Everyone does. Please call us for an explanation of how property taxes are computed for primary residences verses homes purchased as a second or vacation home.

Will you help me through the closing process?

Yes, our agents will help put together a team of experts to assist with making offers to inspections and closing the deal. We are available 7 days a week.

I am interested in selling my home. How much is it worth?

A comparative market analysis is an informal estimate of market value. It is based on sales and listings that will compete with your property that are similar in size, style and location. A range of values will be determined thus arriving at a probable market value. We can help determine this with the most current data. There is no fee for this service.