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Property Management – FAQs

What type of properties do you manage?

Our main area of expertise is in lake front residential property. We do manage some off the lake properties that are close proximity to the lake. Any rental period longer than 90 days is handled through our Lake Murray Sales & Property Management division. Rental periods less than 90 days or weekly rentals are handled through our Lake Murray Vacation Rentals division.

How long have you been a licensed real estate company?

We started in 2002.

How long does it take to fill a vacancy?

This time will vary and depends on several circumstances. Most homes are rented in less than 30 days from starting.

How much rent can I get for my house?

We will run local comparisons for homes similar to that of your property. Pricing is usually determined by competition. It will ultimately be determine by the property owner and their tolerance for vacancies.

How do you advertise my property?

Most people looking for a property on or close to Lake Murray will use "Lake Murray" in their internet search engine key words. Any search using Lake Murray "rentals or sales" will put our websites in the top selection of choices. As a licensed real estate company we also include all of our long term properties in the local multiple listing service. Both our site and the MLS will distribute the listing out to most all popular real-estate websites.

What are your office hours?

We have someone in our physical office Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 5:00. Due to the nature of our business, someone from our company is on call 24 hours a day to handle calls and emergencies. Our office is located at 2805 Hwy 378, Gilbert, S.C. 29054.

What is the process of renting out my home?

  • Determining the Best Program to Fit Your Needs

    If you plan on using your home at any point throughout the year, the vacation rental program would best suite your needs. If using your home is no concern, then both programs are options for you. If you are looking to make enough income in one month for a mortgage payment, then the long term program will work best for you. Due to the changing seasons and fluctuations with the vacation rentals, relying on receiving enough income for a mortgage payment is not the best method.

  • Determining the Best Program to Fit Your Property

    If you have an unfurnished home and have no plans on fully furnishing, then the long term program is for you. If you are not located on the waterfront, then the long term program is the option. If you have a fully furnished, waterfront property then both programs are for you!

What is your long term rental program?

The long term program offers leases anywhere from 3-12 months, depending on the homeowners needs. The houses can be furnished or unfurnished and on or off the lake. We will run credit and background checks for all applicants to find the perfect tenant for your property.

What is your vacation rental program?

The vacation rental program offers nightly, weekly, and off season monthly rentals. The homeowner can set the minimum number of nights for any time period throughout the year (no less than two). The houses must be fully furnished, including kitchen utensils, dishes, silverware, and glassware. A gas grill is required including two propane tanks. All bed, bath, and kitchen linens will be purchased by owner from Lake Murray Vacation Rentals to maintain consistency of inventory.

How can I proceed with listing my house for rent?

One of our property managers will be glad to meet with you at your property to discuss the details, whether you are interested in Long-Term, Short-Term, or selling a property.

I am away from my home for long periods of time, can you check on it for me?

We do offer home monitoring services for Lake Murray area homes. Please call the office.